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Spitfires Down Under
Gavin Conroy captured Temora’s Spitfire pair on camera as they rehearsed for a flying day.

MIG Reborn
Luigino Caliaro profiles Mikoyan- Gurevich MiG-19 N406DM, which is now flying in the US.

Tuskegee Tribute
Robert F Dorr describes the day when the Tuskegee Airmen got the edge over the potent Me 262.

Vietnam Chopper

Philip Chinnery examines the evolution of heavily-armed helicopter gunships during the Vietnam War.


Men Behind the Beaufighter
Graham Pitchfork profiles three leading exponents of the pugnacious Bristol machine.

Beaufighter in Profile
Adam Tooby artwork of an Australian Beaufighter.

In Combat
The versatile Beaufighter saw action in all theatres of World War Two, as Andrew Thomas describes.

Flypast December issue is AVAILABLE NOW for just £4.40 from WHSmith and other leading newsagents. Alternatively, order your copy from our online shop or download a digital version here.

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