Aeroplane monthly March 2015....AW27 Ensign article

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Just purchased the e-version which I prefer for the centrefold/staples moderate zoomability.

Nice detail on the activities as France fell....I see the writer (who?..the editor?) avoided the fiction that G-ADSX Ettrick was resurrected by the Germans but (partially) falls for the fable that G-AFZV Endeavour was used by the Germans after the Vichy French got it back to mainland France. I think this is nowadays considered not to have happened. The Flight articles by Peter w Moss in the late 50s were probably the source of this wishful thinking

see key forum thread from 2009
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Good history of the Ensign from FlightGlobal, written 1957 ....

The Ensigns were built on the UK South Coast at Hamble because Armstrong Whitworth's Midland factory was busy with Military work....

The only known post-war colour photo of an Ensign appeared in National geographic in 1946 in an article about 'Bible Lands' and was reproduced in the Eighties? by Aeroplane monthly.

Attached shot from a Russian website of the Ensign captured by the Vichy French in West Africa

The webpage which claims the Wright engines could not be maintained after the war is probably mistaken.... the Ensign was just getting out of date, though Peter Masefield, in a letter to Flight about 1957 said they could have served BEA in the late 40s if fitted with Hercules engines......

In the text fitting the Ensign mkII with 1100 hp Wright Cyclones is mentioned but the comparative table rates them at 950hp....which is correct?

The RAFM sells a Charles E Brown WWII colour shot of Euterpe at Whitchurch

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