New Zealand sending WW1 replicas to Avalon airshow in Australia

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The full list is at Replicas Fokker Dr.I Airco DH.5 Camel Nieuport 11 Fokker D.VII Pfalz D.III And the below are TVAL-built reproductions Bristol F.2B R.E.8 Fokker D.VIII S.E.5a I was at the TVAL Flying Weekend yesterday (somewhat less crowded hangar than normal!). The most-junior pilot was looking forward to re-rigging the R.E.8 the least. I'll be doing a post here about the pre-WW2 aircraft at the recent Wings Over Wairarapa show and the Flying Weekend soon-ish, probably this upcoming weekend.
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TAVAS at Caboolture will have the Dr1 flying and their Eindecker as a static ground runner with its new build Gnome.

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The Bristol F2B is the replica, ZK-JNU. Of the above there will be three rotaries, something new for those who have never heard one.