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Does anyone know who made the 'ripple print' grips used in RAF Aircraft?, also how were they made?, what was used to make the surface?. Any help would be greatful.
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I must be getting 'veteran' on this forum when I can remember a previous similar post !:p Quote : Have a look here for vulcanite replacement on Leica cameras : Lucky for you in the UK, but long waiting list ! I have always wondered about this material. I have a 1935 BSA spade grip in hand ( Hawker Demon), after reading about the Leica approach I can now see that the spade grip vulcanite portion has been painstakingly covered with 1-2 inch rectangular patches worked around the grip body, seam meeting on the underside. From the Leica story it appears that each strip of Vulcanite was hand worked around the grip body and merged into the next while still hot and 'plastic'.