Restored PB4Y flew again on 20 February

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Wow some great work there, thank you for posting. She looks great in natural metal. Either the proposed Coast Guard or Navy scheme would looks great. Now with turrets and in Navy blue, that would really be something....
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They have an A-20? Hope it goes to a good home!

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Thats a superb set of photos and detail of the work ,the scale of the aircraft is huge.
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Simply amazing!!!

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Really nice work and great pictures. Not only that, but It was neat to see Casa Grande Municipal again. When I joined the USAF in 1967 and went to pilot training at Williams AFB, a little north of Casa Grande, our first training was on the T-41 (Cessna 172) at a contract training facility at Casa Grande Airport. Neither the airport nor the terrain seems to have changed much in 46 years!