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My late grandfather was a Navaigator in 107 Squadron and flew in a varity of Mosquitos. I am really desperate to find pictures of the aircraft that he flew in, I have lots of service information, though I am missing the last most important part to my quest. If anybody can help me, or point me in the right diretcion that would be fantastic. Theses are the Mosquitos that I am desperatley searching pictures of, I've added the final history of the Mosquitos for information. PZ258 FBVI 107 Hit by flak and bellylanded Melsbroek 8.3.45 HR145 FBVI 107/305 Sold to Turkey 29.9.47 HR159 FBVI 235 Dived into ground Banff pres. ailerons jammed 9 1 45 NS958 FBVI 107/21/107/2 Gp CS/107 SOC 6.12.46 PZ232 FBVI 333/107/305/151RU Hit by TA120 while parked Luneburg 26.2.47 DBR PZ403 FBVI 107/464 To RNZAF 8.5.47 as NZ2347 HR246 FBVI 107 SOC 29.6.45 Many thanks. Stu :eagerness:
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