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New to us of the WFP that the book, "Tasmanian Whirlwind" about the flying career of Pilot Officer Max Cotton DFC RAAF, who flew Westland Whirlwind fighters with 263 Squadron RAF 1942-43 is now up for grabs on Kindle...


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Although I have not 'Kindled' it I suspect that this will be an electronic copy of what Lex wrote about Max Cotton in his book 'Six Aces'. I can thoroughly recommend it if it is as I have a copy of 'Six Aces' and have only just finished re-reading the section on Max Cotton's flying career with 263 Squadron on Whirlwinds.

Please note that Max wasn't an 'Ace' and the description of his flying career was written by Lex as the seventh section to the book. Six Aces has long been out of print but is well worth it for those who are interested in RAAF pilots. Last time I looked second hand copies of 'Six Aces' ranged between $75 and $165 US! (Currently there are five copies listed on ABE books)


PS Nice find Stu. :applause:

PPS Have just had a quick look on Amazon and the other sections of Lex's book 'Six Aces' have also made it into the electronic format - all of them are worth a read.