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At Hermann Historica , there is a ME 109 G for sale , it has been restored during a few yrs , looks fine to me!!

Best Jabba.

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At Hermann Historica , there is a ME 109 G for sale , it has been restored during a few yrs , looks fine to me!!

Best Jabba.

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The "Yellow 1" and its history: the Bf 109 G-6 with serial number "441059" left in April 1944, the factory Vienna Neustadt, was delivered to a unit of Imperial Defence and crashed, probably in June 1944, after a dogfight with the US Air Force units in the vicinity of Lake Attersee in Austrian Salzkammergut from. Your pilot was able to escape by parachute. Several decades in which it went quiet around the wreck remained began to investigate to avid airplane enthusiast.

Mid-1990s, there was a private initiative salvage aircraft parts, under the sometimes very severely deformed fragments there was also a fragment of the rear fuselage with original factory license plate, so that the identity of the aircraft wreckage was established beyond doubt. 2007 started with the construction of the Bf 109 G-6. A team of aircraft restorers analyzed the existing fragments and came to interesting conclusions. Although these Bf 109 was only completed in April 1944, she showed some characteristics of early G-6 models. On the one hand was on a fragment of the right engine cover so-called "bump" for the air compressor pressure cabin version of the G-5, which is found only at the first G-6 from the middle of 1943, on the other hand were found on the two (!) Lower frame members with the side glazing Ventilationshutzen on the outside and not the openings to fire the flare gun on the right side, as under the existing knowledge from autumn in 1943 standard. The information on the early version of the engine cowling led to the use of an existing fortunately original Bf 109-hood, which was combined with the restored "bump" the serial number "441059". The salvaged trunk, fixed-wing and cockpit parts of the Bf 109 G-6 441059 been made ​​to ensure processed and integrated with the rear fuselage fragment with nameplate in a shell of the fuselage.

Also present was an original chassis, which had to be only slightly adapted and original 660 x 160 tires from German World War II production in excellent condition, as well as numerous components which 109 G-14 were left over from the previous restoration of an applicant. Of these components and small parts, only those were used for the reconstruction shown to be installed in the G-6. The closing panel of the cockpit MG could be remade perfectly in aluminum after an original, arms cover in front of the windshield glass, however, is only slightly restored original G-6. For the interior of the cockpit as many original parts and instruments were used as possible so the foot control from the original material was manufactured for the lines along the left side of the cockpit wall, there were unobstructed, but already preformed tubes of a bundle of Messerschmitt-original parts The Vienna from the possession of a former aircraft mechanic of the Messerschmitt factory Neustadt come.

The wings are made ​​of many parts of original material and wear old designer names from the 2nd World War, aileron, elevator and rudder were constructed from old parts new and expertly covered in special fabric and painted. The propeller blades were newly manufactured and assembled together with an original hub and spinner with an original nameplate. The restoration took a total of over two years now and was late October 2009 concluded with the patina of the surfaces. The Bf 109 now gives the impression of an airworthy machine that has just returned from a sortie. Previously, it was impossible to assign the work number in a specific unit. However, the location and the supposed time of the crash lead to the conclusion, this could be have been a machine of III. / JG 3 "Udet", which was stationed in Bad Wörishofen and several Bf 109 in operations on the field the Ostmark had lost. For this reason, the restorers, plane the camouflage, the white fuselage band of Imperial Defence and the yellow / brown tactical number of III decided. To give group of Jagdgeschwader Udet.

Condition: III- Limit: 150000 EURO
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Surcharge 165000 EURO

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