Request for Information on Ju-88C-2 Pilot Notes and cockpit and external views

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On another forum a group of dedicated flight simulation enthusiasts are hoping to create a flyable Ju-88C-2 which will require detailed 3D modelling of the cockpit as well as the external model.

Currently after much searching through the internet they have drawn a blank on information specifically detailed images of the cockpit, pilot notes and also external views of the aircraft (required to model accurately from)

The model once completed will be given to the flight simulation community for free to use in the WW2 combat flight simulation IL2: Cliffs of Dover, so this isn't a commercial endeavour it is being done as a hobby only by a talented group of 3D modellers.

I know this forum contains some of the best aviation historians so hope you don't mind me posting the message here and seeing if anyone can help with information, images, schematics, etc, etc?

Cheers, MP

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