F/O Maurice Emile Sauzier

Can anyone add to the cause of death of Flying Officer Maurice Emile Sauzier (153215)?

A native of Mauritius, Sauzier had been a flying instructor with 10 FIS at Woodley, and was also at Clyffe Pypard. He then served on 7 (P) AFU at Peterborough (from circa 16th May 1944). He died on 14th October 1944 (from his burial location, possibly at Acklington?), but there the trail goes cold.

I can't locate an obvious crash, and I've searched the various unit records at TNA to no avail. I get the feeling that maybe he died from a non-aircraft cause, but would welcome any further news.


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Spitfire from No.57 OTU


a bit more detail


from the No.57 OTU ORB


Give me a mo and I'll get the F1180 - no F1180 retained in the microfilm, so either not raised, filed out of sequence or missing at time of microfilming.

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From the F1180:
14/10/1944 – Spitfire VB, EE716, No. 12 Group, ADGB Command, was damaged beyond repair in an accident at 12.14 hours over Druridge Bay. No further details.

From the burial Register Chevington Cemetery:
The funeral for the pilot,153215 Flying Officer Maurice Emile Sauzier RAFVR, took place at 15.00 hours on 19th October 1944, and he was buried Sec. H. Grave 192, Chevington Cemetery, Red Row, Northumberland. He was aged 24.


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Ross & Chris,

Many thanks - mystery solved!