Prop from crashed LeO H13, 1930

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Today in the local newspaper was a story about an old propeller in a garage in my village. As I live very close I went to see it. The story is that it was recovered by the grandfather of the present garage owner. He retrieved it, it seems, from the wreck of a LeO H13 of Air-Union that crashed soon after take-off from the harbour at Lausanne on its scheduled service to Evian, just a few minutes away on the other side of Lake Geneva, on 2 August 1930 with the loss of three lives. The only file I can find on the accident is at: (in French). It points out that the route was introduced in June 1930, and was withdrawn after the accident. I attach a couple of photos I took today in the garage: I could see no numbers or other marks. Can anyone tell me which of the (rather few) LeO H13 (presumably one of the even rarer civilian H13a series) this was?
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