Barksdale Global Power Museum - Access Warning

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Appreciating that this may only affect a few, but forewarned is forearmed. During a roadtrip earlier this month, I was passing through this part of Louisiana, so called in here (small museum building, but a number of large airframes on open static). Despite my U.K. passport etc, I was turned away at the main security gate. Barksdale is, of course, an active B-52 base, and they citied an "increased level of security" as the reason. I was told to come back in a week or so, but my gut feeling was that only military i.d. and/or U.S. passport would get you in at present (and probably for a while yet). Frustratingly everything is only just within the gate! Anyway, if anyone is headed east from Dallas/Fort Worth this summer (it's about 3 hours from there) you have been warned! You can call the museum beforehand when in the States, but knowing what U.S. security can be like, they wouldn't be able to offer any guarantee.
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"What US security can be like..." Remember, it's an active duty base, not a Disney park. They don't have to let you in. Would an RAF base be any different for some tourist with a passport and camera?
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To be fair I have heard the same for most base museums in the U.S., my friend was refused entry to a tour at Dayton because he was not a U.S. Citizen which was very disappointing for the trip of a lifetime. Even calling ahead means nothing and can be down to the guard on the gate or orders on the day. Curlyboy