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Hi all , just to let you guys know i have started a facebook account Combat Aircraft Cockpits where i will update progress on my Fairey Battle and B 57 Canberra cockpit rebuild and other warbird bits and parts. Hope to see some of you on there , will also add pics on here for non facebook people. Here are some pics to get started. First 2 pics show our P 43 Lancer fuselarge section which stretches from the rear of the cockpit to approx. 4 foot back second pic shows part number on canopy rail , these are the remains of A56-7 which crashed near Healsville Victoria 1943 wreck was not found till 1958 this and other parts we have aquired will form a display to honor her pilot P/O Green who was listed as MIA . Many parts of this aircraft were taken over the years these are the parts we are trying to find . This wreck will not be rebuilt but displayed as is . Third pic is of our battle project which continues to make progress. More updates on the B57 Canberra are on our facebook page , which is run by myself . cheers dave [email][/email]
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