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Sad to report, John Young passed away on June 10th , in his mid eighties. He was best known as an aviation artist, though his paintings included landscapes, particularly the Chiltern Hills, where he spent his whole life. John was a teenager in the war, and spend countless days hanging on the fence at Bovingdon, 3 miles up the road from Chesham. His notebooks, and sketches are an invaluable record of movements from that era. His anecdotes were endless, and recalled with real enthusiasm. He amused me with tales of the airmen at Bovingdon using their L.4 Cubs as flying jeeps, and landing in the park above Chesham, to then stroll down and do their shopping! I was honoured to take John flying in my Cub, and we flew over Chesham, and down the runway at Bovingdon at 50 feet! John was widowed in 2013, and though he was hugely supported by his church in Ashley Green, life became quite a challenge. I was planning to have lunch with him, and enjoy more wartime anecdotes and tales. Too late, sadly. [ATTACH=CONFIG]238606[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]238607[/ATTACH]
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Wow, that's a of my favourite Aviation Artists..........I have that book..........................Condolences to family, friends................Truly an Artist.
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I can only echo what Scramble Bill said. One knows that people who've grown old enough to be thought of as a treasure cannot last for ever, but their actual passing is shocking nonetheless.
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Sad news. He gave a very enjoyable talk at a camera club meeting I attended in the Chilterns some years ago, he was a very successful commercial artist if I recall. His aviation art is just beautiful. A great loss.
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Hi All, Wow! This certainly has come out of the blue a very underrated artist in IMPO. He produced some classic pieces of aviation artwork I have a couple and one I always wanted is the image below titled Low Flying Mosquito and one of his best IMPO. [ATTACH=JSON]{"alt":"Click image for larger version Name:\tlow-flying-mosquito_u-l-f5w7130.jpg?h=550&w=550.jpg Views:\t0 Size:\t29.3 KB ID:\t3855472","data-align":"none","data-attachmentid":"3855472","data-size":"custom","height":"546","title":"low-flying-mosquito_u-l-f5w7130.jpg?h=550&w=550.jpg","width":"774"}[/ATTACH] RIP Mr Young thank you for your excellent work. Geoff.
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John Young could make you smell and hear the aeroplanes he painted. R.I.P.