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Posts: 2,128 FEATURING: BERLIN SQUALOR Berlin was the once magnificent heartbeat of Nazi Germany. But in the months after VE-Day, it was a place of degradation and filth, as observed by one British lieutenant. ATTACK ON THE CHANNEL ISLANDS Small in scale, huge in meaning. The terrifying and deadly aerial blitz that shook the Channel Islands in June 1940 leaving the islanders under no illusions as to what was to come. THE SHIP THAT SANK ITSELF The unfortunate tale of a French destroyer and the devastating accident that brought about her untimely end off the coast of a Scottish town. DEATH OF AN AUSSIE ACE Australia’s top scoring Battle of Britain ace. The fascinating story of Pat Hughes who rose from a category of ‘no outstanding qualities’ to ‘natural born good shot’. WINTER IN THE TRENCHES Agonising cold, ever looming death or injury, never ending mud and the signs of a new neurological disorder. Oral testimony brings to life the harrowing first winter of the Great War. INTO THE CAULDRON More first-hand accounts from the men of the South Nottinghamshire Hussars as they continue their struggle against German armoured forces in the North African desert. AND MUCH MORE! Britain At War July issue is AVAILABLE NOW for just £4.50 from the Key Online Shop. Alternatively you can pick up your copy from WHSmith or other leading newsagents or download your digital version here.
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