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I seek more information about Robert Raymond Money.

He was granted his commission as a Second Lieutenant in the 3rd Battalion, East Yorkshire Regiment on 10 March 1915.

Transferring to the RFC later that same year, he opted to be trained as an observer, and on completion of his training, was posted to 12 Squadron, then stationed at Netheravon. Departing with the squadron for France in September 1915, he served until April 1916, at which time he was posted to Home Establishment to train as a pilot.
On 17 September 1916 he was shot down but survived to be captured, spending the remainder of WW1 as a POW.

Postwar he remained in RAF and army service, which ended in 1932.
In 1936 he published a book Flying and Soldiering recounting his adventures up to 1928.

I understand that in later years he became active in property development in London.

The reason I seek more details is that he is listed as the pilot of Desoutter 1 ZK-ABX which crashed on takeoff at Rotorua, New Zealand, on 14Sep31.

Why was he in NZ? Had he left the RAF prior to that time, or was he on leave?
Was he employed by the aircraft owners at the time of the crash or had he just hired the Desoutter?
And what details exist of his later life? He obviously lived through WW2 as I have found the following item dated 13Aug47:
"Major Robert Raymond Money, of Corner House,' Lechlade, was fined at Fairford Magistrates' Court on Tuesday for being in possession of firearms and ammunition, without a certificate".

Desoutter 1 ZK-ABX prior to the attentions of Money.
(Yes, owing to a clerical error the Desoutter flew during its short life erroneously marked as ZK-AVX).

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Further information about Ray Money, provided by Errol Martyn:

Roberrt Raymond Money was born at Sleaford, England, 25 Apr 1893

He attended Carre’s Grammar and private schools, 1901-1912

Appointed to a commission in East Yorks Regt as 2nd Lt, 10 Mar 15

Attached RFC as observer and later as pilot, 20 Jun 15

Lt, 1 May 16

Shot down by flak and taken PoW, 17 Sep 16

Repatriated, 18 Dec 18

RFC/RAF until 20 Sep 19

Returned to East Yorks Regt and served until 20 Aug 22

Reserve of Air Force Officers (on probation), General Duties Branch, as Flying Officer, 20 Apr 23

Resigned Reserve commission, 14 Jun 23

Appointed to RAF Short Service Commission as Flying Officer, for five years service, 14 Jun 23

Lost flying speed and crashed into the sea while flying Parnell Panther N7464 but suffered only shock and bruising, 29 May 24

Stalled and crashed Fairey IIID N9764 when landing at Gosport but uninjured, 25 Nov 24

RAF Reserve Class ‘A, 14 Jun 28

Last flew (annual course) at Brough 11-14 Jul 28 ‘’Dart – flown & handled his m/c very well. C at I.’

Transferred to RAF Reserve Class ‘C’ ‘on proceeding to New Zealand’, 19 Aug 28

During 1923-1928 had flown Avro 504, DH.9A, RE.8, Panther, Nightjar, Dart, Flycatcher, Snipe, Bison, Grebe, Fairey IIID and Blackburn Blackburn [yes, there was such a type as the Blackburn Blackburn]

Embarked for New Zealand via Sydney

Disembarked ‘Maheno’ at Auckland, 24 Oct 28

Appointed to commission in New Zealand Air Force (territorial) as a Flying Officer, 1 May 30 (address at time given as ‘Abbotswood’, Hillcrest, Hamilton – electoral roll for 1935 gives occupation as that of market gardener at this address)

Granted New Zealand Pilot’s ‘A’ Licence No 168/‘B’ Licence No 34, 13 Aug 30 (but ‘valid only to 30/9/30’ – appears to be related to his need to obtain a medical clearance, licence later renewed)

Resigned from NZAF, 14 Oct 30

Money is mentioned in an article on the Saunders-Roe Windhover (purchased by Dominion Airlines Ltd) that appears in the April 1964 issue of the Aviation Historical Society of New Zealand's journal.

On applying for renewal of pilot’s licence on 26 Sep 32 stated that he had last flown on 17 Aug 32 (on a Desoutter) and had flown total of 12 hours in previous six months.

‘going to England to fly an air taxi for a local syndicate’, letter to ‘Dear Wilkes’ [Director of Air Services] dated 24 Apr 34

Relinquished RAF commission on completion of service and permitted to retain rank, 14 Jun 34

Embarked for England via Brisbane, c. Jun 1934

Disembarked London, 20 Jul 34

Died in England, 1969



In Jan 1936 and Jul 1937 RAF Air Force Lists he appears as a Civilian Recruiting Officer for the RAF at Leeds Recruiting Depot. Same role in Mar 1938 and Jun 1939 Lists but now at Cardiff. Not mentioned in an earlier, Apr 1935, List.

On 28 Oct 38 was again placed on Reserve of Air Force Officers list, as a Fg Off (Hon Flt Lt), but does not appear in the AFL for Oct 1940. Looks as though he went back to his old East Yorks Regt, as in 1945 the London Gazette records him there as being on the Regular Army Reserve and granted the rank of Hon Major.

Any further details would be welcome.

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I have now been sent scans of an article written by Ray Money and published in the October 1936 issue of Blackwoods Magazine.

An interesting article that runs to several pages and which covers a number of his experiences flying in New Zealand from 1928 to the early 1930s.

However, I have seen other quotes from Money that are not from this article or his book.
Maybe Blackwoods published more items from him?

I have had a quick look on-line to see if Blackwoods is archived online anywhere.
There are some issues available, but the latest seems to be pre-WW1.

Any ideas where I can access and search their 1930s issues?

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Flight Lieutenant Robert Raymond MONEY
relinquishes his honorary commission on
cessation of duty. 4th Dec. 1939.