"Against The Odds"; Elvington at War Weekend

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I decided to pop along to this event yesterday, as the sight of the Mosquito and Halifax freed from the confines of the YAM T2 hangar is not exactly common! As we were promised a Spitfire visit, it would have been rude not to.
Some shots from the day...

Nice to see some of the museum's less glamorous, often overlooked residents having their moment in the limelight
Some shots with the Marmite of the aviation photography world; reenactors!


Personally I though using them for some of the day worked well yesterday.
Finally, Spit XVI TE311. Currently wearing a coat of black primer everywhere but the canopy frame and control surfaces...
Makes for an interesting change!

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I do like the Mosquito and crew shot, it could well have been a period image.
I dont mind re-enactors, providing they look the part and are of the right age group. Old men in flying clothing and fat men squeezed into uniforms I can do without !

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Another vote for the Mosquito crew shot - very nice.

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Is the Spitfire being refinished as TE199 - the personal hack of the AOC of 21 Group based at Swinderby in the late 1940s - in which case it might sprout gold wing tips and spinner and (call the roundel police) gold outlines to the C type roundels.........