Why Does No One Want B25 Bed Sheet Bomber?

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I don't think it's future is bleak, but probably a reality check is needed on it's value.

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If the A1 Lightning can live on as a promising cockpit restoration then we have proof that people can do good work with worse source material. Surely a cockpit restoration isn't out the question?

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It was still with Barry last week, Barry told me he is retiring and has about five to seven months to clear his yard, he was only looking after the B-25 with the hope of restoring her, and will now contact the owner, a well known warbird collector to see what he wants to do with it, so may be open to offers very soon.


Was it not sold to Stephen Grey/TFC many moons ago or am I totally wrong/out of date??

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It would be very sad to see this Mitchell end up as just an amputated cockpit, having 'survived' this long. It is in better shape than the Halifax down the road at Hendon, let's not give them any ideas......

How bold of Meddle to 'come out' as a secret railway buff, but nevertheless drawing some interesting parallels. In truth, no doubt many historic aircraft enthusiasts are occasionally to be found on the 'wrong side of the tracks' as it were, with a quiet attraction to things smokey and chuffy !

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You are quite right about the owner.


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According to Facebook, 'Bedsheet Bomber' is now being restored to static condition, at the Wings Museum in Balcombe, Sussex.

For some reason this site won't let me paste a link to the page, but if you search 'B-25 Bedsheet Bomber' it should come up!


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WOW!!!! That's fantastic news on the old girl! soo pleased.