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Not quite sure which forum to post this in so, mods, please move if it belongs elsewhere.
A few years ago I noticed this headstone in the grounds of a local village church, took a picture and made a mental note to find out about the crash in which the lady involved lost her life. Browsing my files a few days ago realised that the 70th. anniversary of the incident was approaching and investigated.
The crash in question was the loss of Miles Gemini G-AJZI on 27th.February 1948. It collided with trees on high ground shortly after taking off from Croydon on the first long stage of a trip to Italy. There's an Aviation Safety Network report on the incident here
This contains links to further comments about the crash and the circumstances involved, and about the pilot-in-charge. Links include one to a previous mention in the Key Publishing forums, and to one on Prune. To my mind it makes interesting reading but tends to raise more questions than it answers.
There are several other graves nearby marking the resting places of a circle of friends known to the victim, including well known aviators. If there's any interest I could post further about these, but possibly not in the Historic forum.
No, I'm not a morbid person, I tend to take photos of anything aviation related. Incidentally the vilages most famous ex-resident was one Lewis Hamilton.

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