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Please! Please! need the help of historians in the London area and UK in General.

Been working on the disappearance of Sgt. Kenneth Henry Green [RAF/VR] who in May of 1943 went missing in a Hurricane while on a training flight with No. 1 OTU at Bagotville. Accident reports have idicated that Sgt. Green may have landed or crashed on a remote lake SW of Bagotville, Quebec. His co-pilot was P/O Statters and he was the last person to see Green alive and may know more about the crash investigation.

I am trying to find out if this P/O E. Statters is still living in England somewhere. Does anyone have any advice on how I might start a search??

I also have the last know address of Sgt. Kenneth Green's address at:

287 Leigham Court Road, [looking for picture of his house]
Streatham London, ENGLAND
SW16 2RZ

I have written to that address and my letters have gone unanswered. Does ANYONE have any advice for a Canadian researcher on how to start looking for Sgt. Green's family and
P/O E. Statters? Really really need your help as I would like to find anyone of his relatives in the UK.

Lee Walsh
82 Beverley Street, Unit #6
Toronto, Ontario, CANADA
M5T 1Y1
ICQ# 568717278

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