Systematic Destruction

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I have been touring UK aviation museums in the last two days, 6 in all (Brooklands, Shoreham Aircraft Museum, Manston Hurricane & Spitfire, Manston History, Kent Battle of Britain at Hawkinge and Tangmere Aviation Museum). Entertaining time. One hideously sad thing noted at each of the former airfield located museums was the systematic destruction of our aviation heritage by the building of housing estates on them.

Such a case is the former Battle of Britain RAF airfield at Hawkinge. The museum is rapidly being surrounded by an amorphous blob of wimpy housing. It is so sad. Th airfield is being destroyed and there seems to be nothing that we can do about it. The curator has a interesting phrase written on his pick up that sums it up nicely. Sadly I cannot remember it word perfect but the gist was.....RAF Hawkinge saved from destruction and invasion along with the UK in 1940 by the 'Few'.....destroyed in 2001 by greedy profiters.

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RE: Systematic Destruction

I could'nt agree more, but that won't stop it happening again. There is a nasty local rumour spreading that RAF Northolt will be next on the list. Seems the RAF will be vacating this historic airfield in a few years time. Not only is it one of the oldest continually active RAF airfields dating back to 1914, but it's the only 11 Group Battle of Britain airfield left that is still operational by the RAF. Just maybe though, the horrid recent event in the USA may see revisions to our defence policies and it'll get a stay of execution.

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RE: Systematic Destruction

as a kent native and knowing these places well its is very sad.

biggin hill has just been saved but only by agreeing to become a proper airport (my family there would prefer more flights than a houseing estate)

gravesend airport became a houseing estate long ago

rochester - shorts -lefts ages ago (thats flying boats) and is now posh flats - the airport is a BAe site but the council just recently said they want to make it into a business park.

detling - county show ground

eastchuch - don'y know (it was where one of the wright bros built planes from 1913 onwards)

manston - becoming the next stansted - i saw concord land there a while back it was great

west malling - i saw the last airshow their and its now all business parks, house,etc

lydd - doing well by alacounts

flokstone - was something round near the racecourse but i'm not sure.

headcorn - air ambulance is there now

now i'm sure i've missied some out but it gets worse in the south east as land is just so expensive

raibe :9