PZL P11c

Havent seen this mentioned yet

Museums aircraft restored to taxying condition


I think they have also taken the opportunity to replace the small wheels with something more appropriate.
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Wow! Thanks Jeepman, great clip.
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Fantastic !
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Hi All,
For those who may be wondering as I was :rolleyes: I had the Polish text translated via Google translate the polish underneath the video posted by jeepman. Thank you matey.

" The only copy of the Polish PZL P.11c fighter aircraft from the September 1939 campaign period in the world. Currently, there are no plans to restore the
aircraft to a "volatile" state due to its historical value. It can be viewed and photographed at the Polish Aviation Museum in Krakow. "

There is also a second longer video for anyone interested...;)



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Thank goodness for that, we don't want it to evaporate. Lotny = volatile, lotnego = flyable.