Nimda virus

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You are probably aware that a new worm type virus "W32 Nimda.@mm" is affecting the internet. I have just had a call from a pal of mine that works a major communications company in the UK (the one with the chap blowing his trumpet) in one of their computer centres and it is causing absolute havoc on a scale far worse than the "magister 32" that was about earlier this year.
Originally disrupting web servers, ISP's and/or Windows NT users it is now affecting Win95/98/ME etc. It is possible to contract the beast from and infected website without realising or even downloading anything as it is very stealthy.
His advice is to remind folk to make sure that their anti-virus software is as up to date as possible, visit your AV manufacturers website and get the latest updates and once you have them do a full system scan before going online again. If you get an e-mail with or without something attached that you don't like the look of don't open it, unless you are sure you can handle the consiquences.
I know this is probably preaching to the converted but lets be honest, we have all forgotten to keep our AV up to date at some time or another so now would seem a good time to get as secure as possible.
Good luck. Phil.A.

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RE: Nimda virus

LAST EDITED ON 21-09-01 AT 06:19 PM (GMT)[p]I'd like to add:

NEVER run an EXE, VBS, COM, BAT, ... file if you haven't asked for it!!! (Or if you aren't sure of the contents)

also check for an antiviral program. That's thze best i found. In an active viral environment, it detected much more thar, e.g. Norton, McAffee, ...

(And i have no shares in this company) :-)