RAF Halton - late 1950's - Images for Steve Bond.

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Nope,not a single Buckmaster anywhere,and I don't think there are even any substantial bits,so it's one of those types that's almost certain to remain 'extinct'.
The closest thing we have to it is the Bristol Brigand fuselage with the Bristol Aero Collection at Kemble,and it's hard to see even this valuable relic becoming a complete aircraft again. The Brigand was an important type,and I hope that something will come of this project,but as far as I know there are no wings in existance,so would be one hell of a job to restore fully.

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Thanks for that info, Ant. It just makes these wonderful photos all the more important since, amongst other delights, it includes extinct beasts such as the Buckmaster. May I add my thanks Mark for posting these superb photos.

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Great pictures, what a shame all those aeroplanes went waste:( I shudder to think how much they'd be worth today, especially when you think that the airframes that did escaped the axeman, were bought for next to nothing.


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I am researching 63 Squadron Meteor histories, I wondered if it would be possible to re-post or PM me a copy of Photo 6 which I believe was VZ464 /7214M, formerly H of 63 Squadron please?

Many thanks

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Sadly, your timing is unfortunate. You come at a time when Key Publishing have very effectively (perhaps accidentally  ) driven away  most of the long-standing contributors to the once-respected forum. 

Peter Arnold is the individual you need to track down. He is a well known figure, especially in the Spitfire world. 

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This is an obvious example of a thread that used to be full of photographic evidence of the utmost importance to us sincere historians. Where have all the pictures gone, to misquote Pete Seeger? And even the numbers of the posts?

Please do something.


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To be fair, this thread pre-dates some other issues apart from the recent Key.aero meltdown, so the photos may have disappeared due to other circumstances. I'm thinking of the Photobucket shenanigans for example.

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Hi Prop Strike,

Thank you for your advice, I know of Peter and should be able to track him down via a friend.  As you say, timing is everything!

Thanks for taking the time to respond.