Can you help with any of these aircraft or crews?

1941 Hurricane 1 P3573 Flt/Sgt Robert Tatlor Glen Stirling of 87Sqn
02/11/41 Spitfire V W3830 P/O B W Meyer of 234Sqn
08/11/41 Spitfire Vb AD188 P/O W J Greenaway of 501Sqn
13/03/42 Spitfire Vb W3943 Sqn/Ldr John Champion Carver DFC of 118Sqn
18/07/42 Hurricane llb BE473 F/Lt Robert Alexander Upshur of 174 Sqn
08/11/42 Spitfire PRVll R7116 ZW-C P/O N N Amos (Bill) of 140Sqn
25/01/43 Spitfire PRlV BR660 F/O Allan Greyson Edwards (RAAF) of 541Sqn
12/02/43 Whirlwind P7052 Sgt David (Dai) John Williams of 263Sqn
03/05/43 Spitfire Vb EN960 W/O Karel Korber of 310Sqn
14/05/43 Spitfire Vc EP539 F/O Jaroslav Novak of 312Sqn
23/05/43 Spitfire Vc EP710 Sub Lt P G F Mercer of 129Sqn
05/06/43 Spitfire Vc EN953 Sgt Gerald Frank Locke of 504Sqn
02/08/43 Mosquito ll HJ700 P/O Z Markowski and F/O Borzemski of 307Sqn
03/08/43 Spitfire Vc EE717 P/O Z Markowski of 317Sqn
07/01/44 Typhoon lb JR436 F/Lt John Malcolm Crabb of 193Sqn
05/02/44 Typhoon lb JR251 F/O Norman Peter Blacklock of 263Sqn
22/02/44 Typhoon lb JR304 F/O Robert Charles Hunter of 263Sqn
28/02/44 Typhoon lb JP730 'p' Patrick Sidney William Daniel of 247 Sqn
17/03/44 Mustang l FD548 Flt/Lt Dennis Arthur M Bourne of 268Sqn
22/05/44 Spitfire XlV RB162 F/O Hugh Harold Percy of 610Sqn
02/06/44 Typhoon lb MN355 Sgt Dennis John Lush of 245Sqn
05/06/44 Typhoon lb MN210 Flt/Lt John Walton Saville of 439Sqn
14/06/44 Typhoon lb MN292 F/O William James Windeller of 263Sqn
08/07/44 Spitfire lX ML366 Flt/Lt R Collis of 126Sqn

16/11/40 Anson l N9889 P/O R E Troward, Sgt A R Weston, Sgt Wilson, Sgt J B Steedman of 217Sqn
15/03/42 Hudson lll V9128 W/C E H P Clarke AFC, F/O A H Hiles,P/O B L A Holland, Sgt D W Dewar of 233Sqn
24/10/42 Lancaster 1 W4121 EM-B F/Sgt L R Wright, Sgt W Bell, F/Sgt D G Roberts, Sgt A J V Hunt, Sgt L H Bell, F/Sgt J F McCallum, Sgt W C Colwill of 207Sqn
22/11/42 Lancaster l W4107 F/Sgt E J Singleton, Sgt R A Wood, Sgt K C Corry, Sgt D J Hills, Sgt A G McInnes,Sgt E Pope, Sgt L W Saunders 49Sqn
15/03/43 Ventura l AE742 YH-M Sgt E D L Crickett, Sgt G A Targett, Sgt J A Denyer, Sgt D H Yorke 21Sqn
10/04/43 Wellington X HE213 SE-F Sgt W E Bidmead, Sgt A Holden, Sgt E A Odling, Sgt L C Bolke, Sgt G A Booth of 431Sqn
01/05/43 Halifax V DG408 Sgt E Williamson, Sgt W Pelham, Sgt D C Butlin, Sgt C Thornton, Sgt D Suffling, Sgt A Dunn, Sgt H Hinneth/tt Sgt J Hunter if 1663HCU
13/06/43 Ventura ll AE937 SB-T F/Sgt N A Kane-Maguire, F/Sgt J Lawson, F/Sgt E Goodheart, F/Sgt A Galley of 464Sqn
27/01/44 Lancaster l P/O E A Williams, Sgt W Beach, F/Sgt Beesley, Sgt A D Anderson, Sgt J L Parker, Sgt T Bowden, Sgt C A Acombe-Hill 61Sqn

Any help would be appreciated.

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What is it you want to know and I'll see if there's anything in any of my books.


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Hi Kev35

I have the general info from Chorleys and Franks losses books and on some of the guys a little bit more but, any further info would be great, it all helps to build up a profile.

Leads to people who may have known any of these guys would also be helpful, photographs would be superb.

Thanks for your help.

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08/07/44 Spitfire lX ML366 Flt/Lt R Collis of 126Sqn

Ron Collis is still around I believe. I corresponded with him briefly in the late 80s about his time flying the Spit XII with 41 Squadron prior to his going to 126. He has done some writing of his own as well as artwork. He has a website at:

It's not been updated in some time and he didn't respond to a recent e-mail.

My understanding is he was hit by flak over the Channel and bailed out.

Not much, but I hope that helps :)