Spitfire Mk1 X4590, Why was it not used in B of B Film

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I am interested to find out why Spitfire Mk1 X4590 (PRF) was not used in the Battle of Britain Film (1969).

My intrest is that my Father in 1974/75 wilst in the RAF. Was in charge of picking up the spitfire from RAF Henlow So it could be Displayed at RAF Finningly, for the Battle of Britain Day Displays.

When He picked it up, I went outside the married quarters at finningly and saw it pass, with what I can remember AI-C codes on the side (as in the film)

I have been assured by notable people that it was not used, As it was the correct mark of spitfire and at Henlow why was it not used as set dressing at least.

One another note my father a Chief Tech, with his small group got the spitfire running after it got to finningly! He had been told by someone at Henlow, that it had been taxied in the film?

If anybody has any photographs of this spitfire while at Finningly, could they please post them as I do not have any.

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X4590 was not used in the Battle of Britain film true. At that time it was part of the RAF exhibition flight at 71 MU Bicester. I have no recall of it ever being at Henlow during the film preparation during 1967/8.

You seem to be describing the Mk XVI TE184 which was recovered from Royton ATC to Henlow for the film but not used. It was deemed to have so much corrosion in the engine bearer I was advised at the time not to stand too close to the cowlings!

TE184 was transported from Henlow for the 'Summer ball' at Cranwell in 1968 and then on to Finningly for a display, most probably BoB day.

The pic shows TE184 briefly outside the No 2 Officers Mess at Cranwell in the summer of 1968.