Duxford's 60th anniversary show

Did anyone catch the Battle of Britain 60th anniversayr show at Duxford over the weekend ? I thought it was one of the best organised displays i've seen, even better in my opinion than this year's Flying Legends (although not by much of course)

The final flypast of the 20 spitfires and 3 Hurricanes was quite something

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You are right James, this year show was undoubtedly one of the best ever and fabulous weather to boot, but why oh why marred yet again by "Land of Hope and Glory".
I am sure that I am not alone in the view that the two main things at any airshow are the sight and the SOUND of the participants.
I could not belive my ears when at the first TFC Legends show many years ago the eagerly awaited final "balbo" was subjected to a 50% reduction to it's enjoyment factor and wrote bitterly to the organisers as did many others, sadly our cries have continued to go unheeded and the disease has spread.

Well done to the organisers and crews yet again a great effort and many thanks but please, after I have paid £72 to get the family in I wanted to be able to hear the sound of a formation that was totally unique and could not be witnessed or mounted anywhere else on the globe.
If want to listen to classical music I will turn on the radio, when I want to listen to "classical aeroplanes" I should be able to do it at an airshow, you can do justice to neither experience by attempting to do both at the same time.
It won't stop me going, but please stop the music!

You can't turn the clock back but I can remember the days of a single rope for a crowd line and standing by the blockhouse that is now on the far side of that damned M11. Don Bullock taxying in SallyB with a tail wheel stuffed full of straw after his display, but then he was (as he tragically proved later)probably certifiable as a pilot.
8 Spits doing an impromtu beat up of the field about 2 hours after flying had finished for the day roaring in at zero feet from all angles at once, the Lightning F6 that set fire to the cornfield etc etc. This all on one day, either the 30th or 35th BoB anniversary show (someone will correct me on the date).

Yes it was right to regulate things more closely before there was a major accident and the whole airshow scene is now far more professional and by necessity commercial.
Organisers have to cater for the general public with non aero related traders stalls and bouncy castles etc in order to make things pay but PLEASE, and just now and again remember that its the genuine enthusiasts (the chap we stood next to had come from Plymouth and he couldnt belive the music either!!) that are still the bulk of your paying customers.

OK a bit of Glenn Miller as SallyB taxis out perhaps, the short extracts from Churchill fitted quite well this weekend but in my opinion music and flying aeroplanes only go together at and event where you expect to have both such as the Flying Proms at Shuttleworth.
Accidents can happen. At the last Raydon show, some clot played the Luftwaffe March by mistake when the B25 displayed. Whilst it brought a wry grin to my face several of the American veterans present were visibly upset. It doesn't bear thinking about does it, a similar disaster last weekend would have been unbearable so play it safe chaps,take the cd's home and leave them there.....Please !!

Right! gripe over, spleen vented, comments invited.
Regards to all, Phil.

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RE: Duxford's 60th anniversary show

It was a great show. It proved so popular that the police had to close the gates to cars. The marquee that was exclusive to FlyPast and 'Friends of Duxford' members was very popular;it had the best location coupled with free drinks ,chairs and toilets which were much appreciated by all - well done Duxford and the friendly FlyPast team - a great show.
Hope to be at the show in October