28th June 1940

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My tower, my city   28th June 1940

Hitler relished the opportunity that the Nazi military machine gave him to enter Paris.

Once the French were subjugated by menace, he could strut round admiring the architecture which now belonged to him and his gang.

He fancied having a big street parade - a string of Mercedes roaring down the Champs-Elysees, him waving at a controlled throng of forced admirers.

Just one problem. Those irritating English flyers – the RAF – might come over and – shall we say – rain on the parade. Fact was, Hitler’s Luftwaffe could not guarantee to keep Parisian skies clear of foreign aircraft.

So on 28th June 1940 shitface had to make do with a short, secret, dawn visit – no locals alerted to his presence.

Yes, he got to glare at the Eiffel Tower close up, but it was not the same. However he would soon be building bigger, better towers in Berlin – all being well.  

Context in Robert Arley’s “brilliant” OF SONS AND SKIES book. See more at www.robertarley.com


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I have to admire, sir, your persistence in advertising and self-publicity. Maybe it's the absence of moderators here that now makes this feasible ?

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Also I wonder if we are expected to take seriously an author who choses to describe Hitler as 'shitface'.

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Just to say, cher avion ancien, that I second what you write. We don't need this sort of window dressing, nor can we tolerate that sort of language. If that is what we might expect from this blatantly advertised "book" I would rather not know. And to have the forum polluted twice on the same theme ...