Huey Avionics Hatch At Auction

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Posts: 1,428 I am not convinced this is genuine Huey avionics door. Firstly as there should be two sets of hinge rivets at the top edge ( and or two sets of holes below the swords and secondly that 1st troop of the 3rd cavalry regiment does not appear in this list. Also the swords would be lower on the panel and less chunky and the metal curve is wrong etc. etc.
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It would be interesting to see the back side of the piece. If it is from the front battery panel, it does look too curved. An easily removed picece, a famous unit...found in a street fair...sounds just plausible enough to make me suspicious. :)
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The top/right corner looked like it's missing a chunk (or bent backwards) which would explain the hinge bracket doodad appearing to be AWOL. It also looks like the bottom has been sliced off.