37 Dak's So Far For Duxford Next Year For The Daks Over Normandy

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Think I will need to make a road trip :) http://airshowstuff.com/v4/2018/daks-over-normandy-group-has-37-aircraft-lined-up-for-massive-2019-d-day-commemoration-but-they-need-your-help/
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That sounds optimistic. I would guess they will bottom out around 20 - which will still be very impressive!
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Duxford? I thought Upottery was the focal point?

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hi, their own website www,daksovernormandy.com show 38 a/c plus pictures, 1-5th June at Duxford is a must... regards, jack...

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Now that'll look, and sound, impressive. Wouldn't mind seeing/hearing that happen!

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Now we just need a few glider replicas