Seen on Ebay 2019

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Kicking off 2019
50 years since the film release this year, I have to buy one.
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If another 2019 thread been set sorry I cant find it

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Did it come from a Spitfire :D

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Go to the naughty step

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When compared with the Seattle restoration - there are no similarities in structure/rivets etc.

So fairly sure that it is a recreation.

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Well spotted. I saw this on Saleroom and did think about bidding, but now having looked at both photos I think I shall give it a miss.

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[QUOTE=So fairly sure that it is a recreation.[/QUOTE]

Hmm! Certainly looks to be a recent recreation - but the auction house do seem to be covering themselves with the clue in the description "The piece is arranged as a tribute to Artur Pipan (05.12.1919 - 01.08.2009)" - "the devil is in the detail" as they say?

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Argosy?... cockpit project on eBay but I can’t post the link. Item number 202602839010

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Yep Argosy. Nice project for someone

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I cannot believe they are selling off serviceable laser designators, some idiot will blind himself and others, they even removed them from Cosfords Jags as a precaution.




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That has been up a few times in the past. I will tend to agree with the recreation.

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They mostly are, best to work on that basis and see if it can be proven, people have been getting their fingers burned for years with these, they were faked as far back as the 70’s so those will have aged now

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If it was from a Stuka, it would be anodised on the back. End of!