Wessex HU5 XT761 Flies!!!

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An historic day at Historic Helicopters! https://www.facebook.com/NavyWessex/videos/550638545456752/
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Great news! Well done!
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Excellent news :) (how do those things fly ... ? :) )
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What a fantastic sight and sound. Well done all.

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Brilliant news, well done guys! Looking forward to seeing this beauty on the circuit :)
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Is this the only flying Wessex? I saw them flying here in the seventies. They were based in G├╝tersloh and sometimes they were flying out of Detmold.
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Hi All, I was just on http://www.facebook.com/globalaviationresource?ref=hl and came across this news, I did try the Facebook link above but cannot sign as I do not have an account, anyway the video below was in a link provided along with a few still shots. Hearty congratulations to all the team from the bottom to the top....:eagerness:
(The first time since 6th November 1986 XT761 (G-WSEX) takes to the air, The only flying Westland Wessex MK 5 in the world.) Geoff.
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At least the pilot is now signed off for hovering :)
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What a great day and what an amazing achievement!
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At least the pilot is now signed off for hovering :)
And as a helicopter pilot, I can confirm that is a major miletone! :) Well done to all involved. I heartened to see a historic helicopter being preserved and flown. Helicopters have been largely been ignored by the historic aviation community for too long.