Lancaster Skies film

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I have just seen a trailer for this ,sorry if it has been posted before but it's the first time i have heard of it
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Thanks for the post trumper.....:eagerness:

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Being released in the UK on the 27th Feb apparently

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so, what did anyone think of this last night? i saw it, and though it was not what i expected, to be fair it was quite good, at least the majority of the uniform and kit was spot on, mostly filmed at EK of course, on a very tight £80k budget.............. Jules

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I saw it last night. I agree, considering it was ultra-low-budget movie, I thought it was pretty good. It wasn't showing at any of my local cinemas but I'm glad that I made the effort to see it on the big screen. Ed
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It wasn't showing anywhere near me, sadly. Good thing I've pre-ordered it on Amazon, though!

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Good performances, and nicely shot, but let down by appalling errors which could have been avoided, regardless of budget. Modern fence, BR train, modern doors radiator, modern cups, all spoil the illusion. Worth watching though.