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Hi All, Came across this short but interesting article and video courtesy of :- / ...........:cool: In anticipation of Gary's new book - GRATEFUL AMERICAN, comes HIGH FLIGHT, a voyage to the edge of infinity - 70,000 ft. The documentary follows the acclaimed actor and humanitarian as he prepares and travels to the edge of space in U2 spy plane. Gary Sinise’s High Flight is an amazing film that shows how much these American heroes put on the line every time they strap into their plane to do their job of protecting our country. High Flight is a... great addition to our Salute to Service initiative, and we are grateful to be able to work with Gary to assist in his tireless efforts working with defenders, veterans, first responders, and their families through his Gary Sinise Foundation. In High Flight, Sinise expresses how honored he is to be invited to ride in the U2 – a trip very few people have ever experienced – and what a thrill it was “for a few moments to be the highest human being on the planet.”
------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ These below courtesy of:-*F&tn-str=k*F / Well-known and highly experienced ARC pilot Cliff Spink realised a personal ambition at the end of last year’s display season. A conversation earlier in the year with engineer Col Pop, had discovered that he had flown every currently flying mark of single seat Spitfire except the Mk VIII. This was to change the following September Air Show at Duxford, when Spitfire HF VIIIc owner Maxi Gainza kindly offered Cliff the opportunity to carry out a local type familliarization sortie in ‘MT928’ (MV154/D-FEUR) prior to his own departure to return home to its base in Germany via an event on the Isle of Wight. Following a half hour flight with a run and break landing, Cliff was ecstatic to have achieved the ‘full set’ in his logbooks. It is believed that he is the only current Spitfire pilot in the world to have flown every currently available mark of single seat Spitfire and in addition he has also flown a number of the Tr.9 two seat variant. Congratulations Cliff, and we look forward to watching him continue to fly the iconic Spitfire as flying season commences.
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