Aerial Collective Sea Fury T20 Rides

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From their FB site:

"Experience the Fury! Take off in one of the highest performance single engine piston aircraft ever produced and experience the most advanced chapter in the pre-jet era of aviation! Introducing the latest flying machine to join the Aerial Collective fleet, the Hawker Sea Fury T.20! For more information or to book your next adventure, click the link below:"

This is not an ad but an info post from me.

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This looks very like ARC in another hat, ie Aerial Collective. Whatever the adiministrative arrangements, the opportunities they offer are unrivalled.

''Power and speed, two things the Sea Fury has in abundance. With one of the fastest piston engines ever built, this fighter aircraft is a force to be reckoned with. Experiencing this incredible machine first hand used to be only possible from the ground, watching as it soared through the skies at displays. But now you have the chance to experience this wonderful warbird first hand, as you fly in a Sea Fury with Aerial Collective.

We operate a Hawker Sea Fury T20 which is taken care of by the Aircraft Restoration Company. You can read more about its story below or discover our unique range of flight experiences here.


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I wonder what maximum speed such flights will attain?

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I wonder what maximum speed such flights will attain?

Furiously fast?