KERMIT: UNBOXING! - Messerschmitt Bf-109

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Well worth watching....Don Bradshaw reveals some very interesting technical aspects of 109 construction, especially regarding this late war model. Thanks for posting.
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Awesome video! I do hope that he continues with the project and doesn't put it on the back burner like his Tempest and P51A
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Hi All, Trolly Aux - Many thanks I enjoyed the video as it was a good update on the Don Bradshaw 109 video that was featured in a post of mine a while back. I did notice there was a certain moustacheiowed mechanic who was supposed to have retired helping out MR SALTER....;) Unless that video was shot before like so many of Kermit's that feature on his Facebook page every now and then ?.....:eek: Geoff.

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If you watch the video in is entirety, it states at the beginning that it was filmed in August 2014 and then skips ahead at the end to the status of the project as of November 2018.