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April issue OUT NOW FREE! Vintage Flight Experience Guide Our 27-page guide to the UK's burgeoning vintage aircraft flight experience scene. ALSO IN THIS ISSUE: MOSQUITO PZ474 The latest airworthy ‘Mossie’ represents a remarkable story of survival. Plus, Coastal Command missions from Portreath it salutes FUTURE OF THE PAST: WARBIRD PILOTS Bringing on the new blood in the warbird flying scene TESTING CONCORDE The last surviving Concorde manufacturer’s test pilot remembers his part in the programme VICKERS VULTURE ROUND-THE-WORLD FLIGHT A deeply sentimental journey to view the only surviving relics from an intrepid 1924 voyage LAST RAF HUNTERS It’s now 25 years since the RAF retired the classic Hawker jet LOCKHEED 12A Les Whittlesey’s superb example of the Thirties aerial limousine AEROPLANE MEETS…WALLY EPTON Afternoon tea at the RAF Club with the chairman of the Historic Aircraft Association DATABASE: CURTISS P-36/HAWK 75 Thomas McKelvey Cleaver examines America’s first truly modern monoplane fighter of the 1930s AEROPLANE ARCHIVE: CLW CURLEW An attractive inter-war trainer — but ultimately a blind alley. and much more! Pick up your copy now, direct from or in selected WHSmith and Sainsbury's stores. Alternatively, you can download a digital edition here UK customer? Click here to find your nearest Aeroplane stockist.
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