Hispano HA-1112 Buchon - Original Manuals & Flight Test/ Performance Reports Required

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Does anyone know where I could lay my hands on original Spanish flight test/performance data for this much maligned 109 derivative? Whilst 109 data is fairly easy to obtain, I've yet to come across any for the Buchon. I'd also like to get hold of copies of the original Pilots Manual (a translation would be nice!), and the maintenance manual, in PDF/JPEG format if possible. (Apparently, the original maintenance manual was titled 'Manual de utilización HA1109M1L y derivados' and dated 1957). I've tried my usual sources for the manuals, and Googled a lot, but have so far drawn a blank. I did come across an auction site that had and original Hispano Aviacion brochure for the Buchon,but have yet to find a digital copy. Cheers Paul
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