Poor old girl, but she is still hanging in there

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It looks like she spent some time as a BDR training aid in her past. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Wessex-Helicopter/143180993465?hash=item21564093b9:g:6UsAAOSwmThckzvN
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For those forum members weary of cryptic 'no content description' threads, this is a link to an ebay advert for a derelict paintball site Wessex helicopter.

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Looks like it is owned by a paint balling company in Colchester.
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[TD]Wessex Helicopter. Condition is For parts or not working.
We have a spare helicopter as you can see it stripped no engine some internal are there has tail section and nose cone.[/TD]

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They also had a JP3 or 4 up for grabs awhile ago.

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I think the JPs are the ex EOD airframes from North Luffenham