Lufthansa Berlin Stiftung Junkers Ju-52 is forced to retire

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The 83 year old Junkers Ju-52 of the Lufthansa Berlin Stiftung is forced to retire. The historic aircraft, with the unofficial registration D-AQUI, has been flying around since 1986, but is never expected to fly again. More about D-AQUI
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This is rather old news and not overly accurately reported either:

The aircraft is/was operated by a foundation, the DLBS, and Lufthansa funded it to a large extent. Lufthansa recently decided to pull the plug on the funding (my guess as to their reasons: fear of bad press in view of the Swiss Ju 52 accident, and being fed up with DLBS due to the uncontrolled and ludicrous spending/wasting of massive sums of money on the Super Star project). The aircraft had been in Munich since last autumn due to a crack in an engine mount. It has now been dismantled and is as I write it is on its way to Hamburg by road. DLBS has announced that they are investigating ways of keeping it flying, but only for displays and without passengers.


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Kenneth, the old news was that Lufthansa will not do any further passenger flights. The new news is that they stop operation all together. The Ju-52 will not fly anymore at all and in fact Lufthansa Berlin Stiftung is already laying off their flight operations staff. So also no further flights without passengers anymore. The aircraft will be grounded permanently.