Ju 88A-4 5840

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Can anyone out there tell me what year the remains of the Ju 88, which crashed at Redwood Farm, Burnham-on- Crouch on the night of August 12/13 1942 were recovered?
Also what was recovered from the dig?
I believe the dig took place either late 1980s, or early 90s, but I may well be wrong. Any info greatly appreciated.
Many thanks.
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The Blitz, Then and Now only states: "Site investigated by Robin Hill who discovered only small fragments."

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Thanks for the info Aviart. Yes I have a copy of the Blitz Then & Now, but i'm almost certain that the site was the subject of a major recovery after the book was published.
Yet i can't find any reference to it on Google, or anywhere else!
I'm just curious to know what else was found, as I have the remains of the navigation maps, plus some other bits which are said to have come from this aircraft.