Spitfire - Rudder/ Elevator Rib Tape

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I'm building a 1/5 scale RC Spitfire Mk IX and I have some questions regarding the dimensions of the rib tape used on the fabric covered rudder and elevators.
  1. What is the typical width of the rib tape?
  2. On the rib tape edge pinking, how many teeth per inch is typical? Are the teeth cut at 45deg, or a sharper angle?
  3. On the rib stitching, the standard method results in the 'span-wise' lacing chord visible on both sides where it wraps around the rib and a chord-wise run of lacing chord with knots on just one side. What is the convention on which side gets which for both the rudder and elevator?
Many thanks Paul
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Paul 1" is normal tape width and the edges would be the same as a pinking shears (about 45deg), the knotting of the rib stitching would be underneath for neatness, as for the rudder I would think either side, depending who was doing it.