Lt. Col. Dick Cole, last Doolittle Raider, passes away

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Dick Cole served as Jimmy Doolittle's co-pilot on the famed mission. He was 103. He became the last surviving member of the 80 man raid on 2016. He entered the USAAC as an aviation cadet in 1940 (at the relatively old age of 25) and retired from active duty in 1966. RIP.
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I'm feeling a need to watch Thirty Seconds Over Tokyo again. RIP, sir.

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R I P Thank you

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hi, 103's was a grand age, must have been a thank you... and remembering all raiders RIP. regards, jack...
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To take off from a carrier knowing full well that you won't be coming back, and who knows where you or how you will reach the ground, or what sort of reception you will get when you get there *and that was actually the plan*, must have taken a special kind of bravery. RIP. It's going to be busy at the Valhalla Arms tonight. Adrian
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RIP sir. I had the pleasure of meeting him 2 years ago, a very kind humble man, still sharp as a tack. Took the time to ask about our B-25, even though we were in awe of his presence. I am not often star struck but he was a true gent and I feel lucky to have met him. Blue skies.
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Hi All, RIP Sir you and your comrades will live on in spirit for ever more. Geoff.