Royal Navy Historic Flight Stands Down

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Appologies if this has already been reported. Noticed while visiting the site for news of the Sea Vixen.
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Well, in my opinion it's a disgrace that it's necessary to hand it over to a charity. Compared to the untold millions wasted by incompetence and inane specifications, and the overall defence budget, it cost peanuts.
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I'm not holding my breath for the Sea Vixen, they barely got the money to get the Sea Fury repaired, how long have they been holding out for the FB.11??? Then there's no money to repair the Sea Hawks exhaust system, so she gets sent away for storage. Then will the CAA really allow it to operate??? Then what happened to the 3rd Swordfish???
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Yes it is a disgrace but they are doing what they can so let’s not be too pessimistic. I too would love to see the FB.11, Sea Hawk and Sea Vixen flying again - but like everything else in this game it comes down to money.

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The 2-seat Sea Fury and Sea Vixen have never been owned by the RNHF.
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Hope the Trust have an effective fund raising team.
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A sad day but it had to happen. Under MAA regulations there is no leeway available for OEM support. You either have it or you don't. Under CAA regs you can at least get a PtF which makes life a little easier.
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Hope the Trust have an effective fund raising team.
We need the Norte Dame fund raising team on this one!

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IThen there's no money to repair the Sea Hawks exhaust system, so she gets sent away for storage.....Then what happened to the 3rd Swordfish???
I think you'll find there was nothing wrong with the Sea Hawk's 'exhaust system' at the time she was (rightly) sent for proper storage pending a decision on her future. And 'the 3rd Swordfish' is NF389. Over the years she has provided much needed spares for the other two aircraft and indeed her wings are currently fitted to W5856. There are many positives in the aircraft being transferred to the G-reg under PtF rules. Rather than complain about it and the lack of funding, why not pledge your support and do your bit to keep these unique aircraft flying? Just a thought....
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Damned shame, from the across-the-pond point of view.

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Going to a Trust may not be all bad. The Historic Army Aircraft Flight Trust had to ‘go civvie’ some time back. Part of the trust’s fund raising is via Corporate days which can include flights on a cost share basis. It also helps that the HAAFT don’t operate any single seaters, although the Sioux may struggle on hot days, but could we seeing a queue form for trips in the Swordfish?

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A few questions. Have any of the RNHF aircraft appeared on the CAA register ? When they do lets hope the paper work will allow a quick transition for engineering and pilot training and let us continue to see the aircraft flying regularly around the UK. Regarding engineering support for the current RNHF who employs the men and women. Is there a core team of permanent staff, like the BBMF, or do engineers just 'drop in' when their day job allows. As a private 'Trust' will these existing engineers be transferred from the MOD or will a whole new team have to be recruited. Understand that the RNHF have a hangar at Yeovilton. Will this still be available free of charge and in the long term could it be made accessible for public visits. Finally let us hope that the familiar RNHF sales caravan can still be seen out and about at UK airshows, even if the aircraft are not available public exposure and fund raising is still most important.

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The Sea Vixen, G-CVIX is on the register. They received it that way from the donor.

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Swordfish W5856 was registered G-BMGC in 1985 while with the Strathallan Collection. Cancelled in 1991.