EAA's B25 Berlin Express Airborne again

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Sorry if posted before, but I cant see it Ex Catch 22 aircraft https://youtu.be/PMX7363t_XQ
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Note that the EAA's B-25, an H-model, was extensively modified in the 1950/60's, operated as a corporate flyer by a number of different owners during that time - modifications included the addition of a passenger door and airstair on the left aft fuselage, custom low-drag wingtips, extra windows, and the bomb bay ceiling was lowered (all items that have been kept). Its original H nose was replaced with an eight-gun nose in the early 50's, and then later replaced with the glass nose. In addition to playing the role of "Berlin Express" in the movie Catch-22, it also played the role of General Dreedle's aircraft in the movie (complete with whitewalls), as well as being one of the B-25's painted in the "M&M Enterprise" paint scheme in the movie. "Berlin Express" brings the count of B-25's currently considered active in the world to 38: Austria: 1 (Red Bull) Canada: 1 (Hot Gen) Netherlands: 1 (Sarinah) United States: 35 (Axis Nightmare, Barbie III, Berlin Express, Betty's Dream, Briefing Time, Buster, Champaign Gal, Devil Dog, Executive Sweet, Georgie's Gal, God and Country, Grumpy, Guardian of Freedom, Heavenly Body, In the Mood, Killer B, Lady Luck, Maid in the Shade, Miss Hap, Miss Mitchell, Old Glory, Pacific Princess, Panchito, Paper Doll, Photo Fanny, Russian To Get Ya, Semper Fi, Show Me, Special Delivery, Super Rabbit, Take-Off Time, Tondelayo, Wild Cargo, Yankee Warrior, Yellow Rose)

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I miss Grumpy :( . Favourite memory of her was when i was kayaking on Grafham Water and Grumpy flying low over it just before it left for the USA.That noise over water WOW.