Hawker Hurricane undercarriage legs

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Can anyone advise me if the barrels on Hawker Hurricane under carriage legs are handed, port and starboard I'm in the process of fitting a pair of legs to a static centre section and have fitted the port leg with no issues However it would appear the 'pair' of legs I have are actually 2 port side ones. The only difference I can see between both legs is the alignment of the bracing collar and top valve. The photo attached shows that the support tubes will not attach to the leg because the collar is configured for the port side. Is it a case of rotating the collar so the the tubes can attach ?? I'm hoping that the only thing that determines which side a leg can be fitted is the configuration of the mounting fittings and not the barrel of the leg itself. Hope this makes sense
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As far as I remember, yes, that is the case- the collar can be removed by undoing a big nut which secures it to the leg.