Gannet XT752 YouTube Video

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Cool little video of Gannet XT752: Is this still flying in 2019?
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I live in a neighboring state to where XT752 is based, and the last time I saw it flying was in 2016, at a small airshow event (not to say it hasn't flown since then, but I haven't seen it at any local events since that time).
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John, are you in MN?
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It was suspicious when the official XT752 web site disappeared some years ago. Evidence of recent flights would be illuminating as well as the whereabouts of the owners and any updates on pending court cases.
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I thought the court cases had been resolved in Shannon Hendricks favour - or are there other issues now?! Last I heard of XT752 was the fund raising efforts to bring it to the UK air show scene a couple of years ago.