Mosquito crash recovery near Amsterdam

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Recovery specialists from the Dutch army are working west of Amsterdam to recover the remains of a Mosquito that crashed during the night on 17th December 1944. The remains of the two-man crew, consisting of pilot N.R. Schwarz and navigator R.W. Donaldson, were interred just after the crash and in 1948, when a British team recovered the pilot. The area where the Mosquito ended up needed to be cleared for building work and so far one engine, parts of the cockpit, the cannon and lots of ammo have been found. The Mosquito was on its way to Dortmund when it was shot down by German pilot Fritz Lau, it was the first operational sortie for this crew. It's in Dutch, but the movie here shows the recovery:
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Thank you Archer, It was a RAF Hunsdon based aircraft, with the crews name on our airfield memorial...