Daks over Normandy, departure date from US?

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N341A currently 0.3 way to Iceland from Greenland. This is an epic effort. A huge amount of respect to all crews, support, sponsors and organisers involved. It has been thoroughly absorbing watching the progress of the aircraft and catching up with the stories as things have evolved. The next week is going to be truly exceptional and I, for one, can't wait...

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341 is definitely making up for lost time.

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Interestingly, the BT-67, C-GAWI, which landed at Wick yesterday, has a D-Day history. As 42-100764, it was with the 438TCG, 8thAF, then 89th TCS, 9thAF, named "Georgia Jane II ".
The Joe Baugher website has a more detailed history of 42-100764 here :-

100764 (MSN 19227) to USAAF Dec 7, 1943. 89th Troop Carrier Squadron, 438th Troop
Carrier Group, I Troop Carrier Command, Baer Field, Fort Wayne, IN Jan44. Morrison Field, West Palm
Beach, FL 30Jan44. Ferried overseas via the South Atlantic/African route departing Morrison Field 7Feb44.
Routed via Borinquen Field, Aguadilla, Puerto Rico; Atkinson Field, Georgetown, British Guyana; Val de Caes
Field, Belém; Parnamirim Field, Natal, Brazil; Eknes Field, Rufisque, Dakar, Senegal; Menara Field,
Marrakech, French Morocco; Port Lyautey, French Morocco; England. Ninth Air Force, Langar (Station 490)
16Feb44. Greenham Common (Station 486) Mar44. 89th Troop Carrier Squadron. Transported paratroopers
of the 502nd Parachute Infantry Regiment, 101st Airborne Division to a drop zone near Sainte-Mère-Église,
Normandy, France on Mission ‘Albany’, 5/6Jun44. Prosnes (A-79), Reims, France Feb45. Transported
paratroopers of the 507th Parachute Infantry Regiment, 17th Airborne Division to a drop zone at the
southern edge of the Diersfordt, three mile northwest of Wesel, Germany on Operation ‘Varsity’ 24Mar45.
Returned to USA Aug 5, 1945.
To RFC at Walnut Ridge Nov 16, 1945. Became NC79017, then N79017.
7/15/98: Saber Cargo Airlines, Charlotte, NC with c/r N79017.
At various times N1968K and N212FF were reserved, but NTU.
1/4/05: Basler Turbo Conversions, Oshkosh, WI. Converted to BT-67 turbo-prop.
7/3/07: To Triumph Airways Ltd of Oshawa, ON as C-GAWI.
12/13/07: Alci Aviation Ltd, Oshawa.
9/22/09: Kenn Borek Air Ltd, Calgary, AB.
1/7/10: C-GAWI cancelled.
7/14/12: Noted in Svalbard, Norway still marked as C-GAWI.
With its fascinating history, wouldn't it be a fitting addition to " Daks Over Normandy ".

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Saw three C47's plus a Cessna Grand Caravan flying in formation over my West Kent village this afternoon. A beautiful sight and an unmistakeable sound.

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9 of the USA Daks will be flying out of Duxford tomorrow afternoon to fly into Old Warden for the airshow on Sunday, and depart after the show on Sunday to return to Duxford. Most of the European Dak contingent will be arriving at Duxford over the course of Saturday and Sunday.


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Just saw on Facebook from the pilot of the Hap Arnold C-41 N341A that they are now at Duxford - meaning that all 15 of the US contingent has made it!

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These are the C-47/53's participating in "Daks Over Normandy" that are D-Day vets:

42-24064 - "Placid Lassie" N74589
43-30647 - "Virginia Ann" N62CC
42-32833 - "Liberty" N25641
42-68830 - "D-Day Doll" N45366
42-92847 - "That's All Brother" N47TB
42-100882 - "Drag-'em-oot" N473DC
42-100884 - "Mayfly" N147DC
42-100971 - "Prinses Amalia" PH-PBA
43-30732 - "Daisy" SE-CFP

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Drag 'em oot is not going with the main formation I believe and instead by itself with the Aerolegends fleet.

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I notice in some of the pics of N8336C, that in addition to having undercarriage doors fitted, she has "clipped" or shortened wing tips.

Are these modifications peculiar to this aircraft ?

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We left Duxford today at about 4:45pm and there were 21 DC-3s parked. A fairly quiet day until eight arrived together at 3:45pm.

I hope to see the formation flying over Southend on Wednesday, although the weather forecast is iffy.

I wonder why they made Sunday prior booking only, unless it was just for car parking. It didn't seem that much busier than a Friday
prior to an airshow.