Messerschmitt Bf110 G-2. Werk Nr.170068

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This aircraft was part of Zerstorer Staffel Erprobungskommando 25 and was shot down on 23rd April 1944 by a P38 Lightning and crashed into the Neusiedler See, on the Austro-Hungarian border 45 Km
east of Vienna. The radio operator, was Feldwebel Karl Merk who was wounded.

The remains of this aircraft were recovered from the lake in the spring of 1979.

Does anybody have any information on who the pilot was or what happened to the recovered wreckage?

Many thanks in advance

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I can't help as to information about the pilot but Goodall says this about the airframe (apologies for the lack of formatting):
shot down by P-38 over Austria 23.4.44 recov. from Neusiedlersee Lake, Austria c79 Amt der Burgenlandischen Landesregierung, Eisenstadt, Austria : rest. project 79/84 Osterreichisches Luftfahrtmuseum, Thalerhof, Austria: static rest. project 87/01